Our lab seeks to understand the mechanisms that govern the shapes, connectivity, and topology of intracellular organelles. We study how lipids and proteins work in concert to determine the forms and functions of biomembranes. We also seek to understand the homeostatic control mechanisms linking organellostasis with proteostasis. In this second field, we study how cells regulated translation initiation and, following initiation, whether they complete translation normally or degrade problematic nascent proteins.

Our sources of support are listed in chronological order below, starting with the lab’s opening in the summer of 2011. We wouldn’t be here without these funders and the vision they share with Mary Lasker (“If you think research is expensive, try disease”). The diversity in our sources of support and the range of questions we are investigating is part design, part serendipity. Our lab believes in ecological edge effects: including increased innovation within ecosystems that have adapted to the overlap between two or more habitats.

Projects and Support